Our New Year Resolution: Get Involved

If nothing else, the Donald Trump presidency has moved more Americans to action.

Welcome to 2018, a new year of challenges.
When thousands of us joined the massive Womens March a year ago, not only in Boise, but throughout the Gem State, from Pocatello to Idaho Falls, we could hardly guess the relentless social justice assault and political realities we now face. The second year of the Donald Trump presidency represents betrayals of social justice and human rights advancement beyond anything our nation has faced in more than a half century.

As Fortune magazine points out, for example, the shameful, last-minute Republican “tax reform and jobs” bill Trump signed into law at year-end, “ … does at least as much (if not more) to upend Obamacare, or the Affordable Care Act, than even all of the Trump administration’s thousand cuts to the health law over the past year by repealing the individual mandate.”

The administration has also quietly rolled back or striped federal protections across the spectrum of civil rights protection, environmental protection, education opportunities, consumer protection, and equal protection under law, and looks set to do even more of the same in the year ahead. (See the ProPublica report on such shifty maneuvers here.)

Accordingly, TransForm Idaho will devote new effort to inform and educate voters, and to advocate for programs, policies, and legislative choices to make a better Idaho – and a better America -- for all of us. Because our resources as a charitable nonprofit educational organization (501 (c)(3) are limited, we determined that we can serve more effectively and respond more rapidly as an independent information resource on specific projects, rather than within a broad coalition. Accordingly, we ended our affiliation with the broader United Vision for Idaho (UVI), effective with the new year. TransForm Idaho of course continues to endorse the causes of human rights and equal justice for all expressed in UVI’s mission. But we believe our limited resources can be more effective if we deploy them on our own.

We invite your comments below on this decision.